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Second Brdye's whale dead stranding in an year at Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh

The second dead stranding of sub-adult Bryde's whale happened on 17th November in Bhavanapadu, Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh. Our team lead by Sri Chakra Pranav immediately informed local forest department about the incident and approached the location with forest department staff. This happened 4 months after the previous dead straning of the same species.

Our team observed characters of the baleen whale and identified it as Bryde's whale with guidance from Marine Mammal Research and Conservation Network of India. Took morphometrics and helped the forest department and local veterinarian on doing a necropsy.

It is concluded that the whale did not die because of propeller injury or ghost net, but could be because of other natural factors. As the whale stranded 6 days after death, the body showed bloating and opening at the anus region, could be possibly scavenged on by sharks on the bottom after death too.

This incident happened in 10 kilometres radius of the previous dead stranding and could possibly indicate a breeding population in the area that needs further research and conservation practices.

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